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Who Loves You Now Trio
Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop
Op Shop Opera
Nico and Kate
Mamma Debs
Katie Janina Brian and Bubbles
Echo as Percy
Dress Rehearsal Meeting
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Con and Brian
Abdul and Tracey
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Matt At Arts Access Program 16Nov2013
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Paul and Pia
Christian and Pia
Christian and Matt
Cate and Ellie at Thornbury Theatre
Pia at Thornbury Theatre
Cate&Ellie at Horse Bazaar
The Migrations at Horse Bazaar
Pia drumming
Paul on keys
Matt close up
Performing Superbia at KHF
Whole band at Yah Yahs
Pia at Yah Yahs
Matt at Yah Yahs
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The Migrations Band Profile Photo
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The Migrations Profile photo
Messing With My Heart Official Video
Messin With My Heart Official Music Video
Messin With My Heart 3 Contestants
3 girls
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Melbourne Cup Day 2011
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Margie 5 May
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Bessie and George with baby Indiana
Ben and Jeewon 28 Mar 14
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Kevin's 50th surprise birthday 5th April 14
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The Nest Music


The Nest Music is a music production house specialising in performance, creation, licensing and community projects of aural works for the Melbourne music scene and global market.

The Nest Music offers a variety of entertainment and musical services including a roster of bands, artists and practitioners available for performances, gigs, festivals,
SOG Master logo rgb smsinging telegramsvoiceovers, music production, licensing, parties, functions and community projects.

We have a nest of very talented performers both singing and instrumental, with a breadth of combined experience that spans over decades.

We’re passionate about making an experience that our audiences and participants will never forget.

Our staff, The Migrations andSOG Master logo rgb sm

have been contracted to work at

City of Port Phillip logoArts AccessDMF_Logo Yellow CMYK (A1724150)      lab-logo  SKF's LNL Logo LARGEMoomba-Festival-March-2012

and in 2014 will perform


Seddon Festival logo Kingston Harvest Festival smand City of Voices.

Bands. Singing Telegrams.  Music Production. Voice Overs.  Licensing. Community Projects.

 The Nest Music proudly supports Aussie Indie Music and local Melbourne musician’s.